Monday, December 13, 2021

Feasting with the Franks - a new book on early medieval French food

The earliest posts on this blog largely explored an obscure subject: the food of the early Middle Ages in France. Even those who follow medieval food typically write off the food of the centuries before the thirteenth century - and with them most, not just some, medieval food. But a review of those early posts will already show there is a great deal to learn about the food of the first medieval centuries in France: the centuries ruled by the Merovingians and then the Carolingians.

Now, at least, you can read in depth about that period in medieval food, in the new book:

Feasting with the Franks

The First French Medieval Food

In this book, you will find a methodical review of the foods and drinks known for this period, followed by a look at which of these were selected for different groups, how they were prepared and served, the dishware and furniture used, and, widening the view, the sites and structures and infrastructure around food production and trade. The last chapters look at food and religion and food and health, before ending with a comparison of this early medieval food with the more familiar late medieval food. Those who would like to actually try making some of this food will find guidelines and actual recipes in an Appendix.

For a look at the Table of Contents, see: Click on the Kindle link to see an extensive preview Inside the Book.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

New blog: What I Found In Paris

This new blog will explore my personal memories of Paris, from one student year and seven years working there; for those who enjoy such musings:

Sunday, April 4, 2021

April 17 - A talk on early medieval French food: Feasting With the Franks

Many of the posts here offer insights into the "other" medieval food - the food of the early Middle Ages. On April 17 (2021), you can hear/watch a talk on Zoom on that very subject, courtesy of the Culinary Historians of San Diego:
Feasting With the Franks

==UPDATE 2021-8-2==
Now available on Youtube: Feasting With the Franks - the video